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With the recent acquisition of new resorts in Shimla in the Himalayas, Bavaria in Germany, and a new resort in Sanur, Bali, I would like to bring you up to date with our plans for the expansion of our Resort Portfolio...



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Life is a journey... and Royal Members have the opportunity to experience this truism far more than most! The last 12 months have seen Royal Members enjoying another bumper year of memorable holidays - that means tens of thousands of happy travels both at Royal Resorts and with a host of resorts available through Exchange Partners...


There can be few more majestic landscapes than the mighty Himalayas, the very roof of the world. And the Shimla Hills resort represents the very best way to enjoy their beauty...

The AlpenClub

Considered one of our most exciting recent acquisitions because of it's location in Bavaria, Europe, thus heralding our truly global expansion, the AlpenClub is sure to be a hit with all members! This beautiful 88 unit resort, is located in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, close to the tranquil lake Schliersee, and is blessed with some of the world's most stunning mountain scenery...

The Royal Bali Beach Club at Sanur

Bali, home to four stunning Karma Royal resorts, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, sees a fifth resort added to the Royal portfolio, this time in timeless Sanur...


As many of our readers will know, Goa used to be a Portuguese colony and amongst the many influences that have embedded themselves in the local culture, Christianity is amongst the foremost. Around 26% of the Goan population is Christian and biblical festivals are celebrated with much exuberance. Amongst the more extravagant is the pre-Lent carnival. Forget Pancake Day or even Rosen Montag, the German pre-Lent party, in Goa the revelry goes on for three or even five days non-stop, with dances, processions, music and feasting that should not be missed...






Once again, Royal's expert staff tap into their knowledge banks to provide answers for those niggling questions - all with the aim of helping you get the most out of your membership. We always welcome your input - if there's anything that you're unclear about, drop us a line and we'll do our best to resolve it right here in Royal Reporter. This edition, management charges explained, plus we clarify just who or what is RCI...and while we're at it, ICE...



It's a reflection of the communal atmosphere we try and create here at Royal that we are constantly receiving letters, emails and postcards from members sharing their holiday experiences - whether short notes of thanks or longer tales of good times had...here are just a couple that landed in our mailbox recently...





We're delighted to present another bumper edition of the Royal Reporter for Spring, including some cultural insights from Goa in the form of a unique pre-Lent carnival that involves up to five days of revelry and feasting. Puts Pancake Day to shame.

Of interest to many members, we also announce details of not one, but three new resorts added to the Royal portfolio. Members now have even more choice when it comes to taking Royal holidays with the addition of Bavaria and Shimla as destinations, as well as a new resort in Bali, in up-market Sanur. You can also see where the majority of you have been taking holidays with our destination feature.

The K-Spa brand continues to expand its already abundant portfolio of treatments, with a series of retreats running from three to seven days and bringing guests a host of treatments, from Ayurvedic therapies to deep tissue massage to rejuvenating facials. Full details of each package can be found in our Special Offers section.

Besides bringing you news of the many improvements that have been taking place recently at each of our resorts, we also report on the recent opening of our brand new Members Services offices in the town of Margao, Goa and announce the winners of our Royal Travel Quiz. There's a whole raft of great packages currently available through REX - either contact your REX servicing office, or browse for details on-line at www.royalresorts.com.au in the on-line version of the newsletter (under Special Offers), including the aforementioned spa packages and providing you with an exhaustive explanation as to how you can best take advantage of these.

Finally our inbox has swelled over the last few weeks with letters from members sharing with us their holiday experiences. We must comment here on how touched we are by the time you take to write these and also on how interesting they often are to read. We look forward to continuing to provide you all with the kind of fulfilling holiday experiences that encourage such glowing feedback.


Esperanca Patricio
Group Administration Director
South East Asia





Member Services for members resident in India (including Royal Exchange, Owner Relations and the Management Charge Department) recently moved to new prestigious offices in central Margao, Goa...

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