Once again, Royal's expert staff tap into their knowledge banks to provide answers for those niggling questions - all with the aim of helping you get the most out of your membership. We always welcome your input - if there's anything that you're unclear about, drop us a line and we'll do our best to resolve it right here in Royal Reporter. This edition, management charges explained, plus we clarify just who or what is RCI...and while we're at it, ICE


Management Charges - What Do They Pay For?

Management Charges are payable by all owners within the Royal Resorts Group as a contribution toward the costs of the upkeep and running of the Resorts. It pays for such things as:

  • Repair & Maintenance
  • On-site management team
  • Property Insurance
  • Security
  • Administration Costs
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Resort Amenities
  • Utilities - water, sewerage & power
  • Refuse Collection
  • Housekeeping & Operational Supplies
  • Linen & Laundry (Maid service)
  • Pool and Equipment Maintenance fees
  • Periodic Refurbishment of Apartments
  • Replacement of worn or broken items

As the revenue collected by way of Management Charges is the only source of income for the upkeep of the resort (all the resorts being 'Private Members Clubs'), this means that the collection of these fees is vitally important. Royal members are not alone in having to pay these fees however. Holiday Ownership owners the world over, are required to pay this type of fee. It is part of the Holiday Ownership System.


Who are RCI and what is their relationship with Royal Resorts?

It’s a well known fact, that no matter how much you may love a particular resort or location, sometimes you are going to want a change.

This is where RCI (Resort Condominiums International) comes in. Through their Vacation Exchange system, they offer Holiday Ownership members worldwide a facility whereby they can exchange their entitlement in a given year at their home resort, for time at another resort which is probably not already available to them with their existing portfolio.

However you have to be a Holiday Ownership member to utilize their Vacation Exchange system, in a resort that is affiliated to RCI. This forms the relationship between RCI and Royal Resorts, as Royal Resort properties are affiliated to RCI, thus enhancing the holiday options available to Royal Members.

Otherwise both RCI and Royal Resorts run completely independently of each other.

As part of their own benefits package, RCI offers members enrolled with RCI:

  • More than 4,000 world-class resorts to choose from for exchange, in nearly 100 countries
  • 3.6 million members worldwide, which means at any one time there will be a great deal of holiday options to choose from
  • GetAway Specials which do not require the use of entitlement
  • A personal copy of Endless Vacation, a member periodical with updates on travel destinations, new resorts, special travel deals and much more
  • Regular exclusive member promotions
  • RCI Guest Certificate – send your family and friends on holiday

For those members interested in enrollment with RCI, please contact your REX Servicing Office for details.


What is ICE and how does it work?

ICE Gallery (International Cruise & Excursion Gallery) is a global cruise distributor that works with almost all major cruise lines. ICE books in excess of 105,000 cabins per year, which also means it is able to offer the very best cruise exchange value in the market and provides a Best Rate Guarantee on every booking receipt and confirmation.

More to the point for Holiday Ownership members, ICE offers an exchange facility for members wishing to trade their entitlement in a given year towards a Cruise.

Some of the general benefits offered by ICE include:

  • Trade Land For Sea (TLFS) - Exchange your week/points/credits as value towards the price of a cruise. Choose from thousands of itineraries and hundreds of destinations.
  • Preferred Member Rate (PMR) - ICE Membership entitles you to substantial savings without exchanging your ownership week.
  • Book resorts at a discounted rate for a week or weekend.
  • Family and friends are also eligible for Preferred Member Rates (PMR).
  • ICE has fully licensed travel agents that can help you design your entire travel experience.
  • Competitive rates on car hire around the world.
  • Competitive rates on travel insurance.
  • Choose from over 60,000 hotels worldwide.
  • Competitive rates on domestic and international flights
  • Holiday packages including air, hotel, transfers and sightseeing.

In other words, membership of ICE can add even more benefit to Holiday Ownership membership.

If you are interested in finding out more about ICE or wish to enroll as a member, please contact your REX Servicing Office for details.






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