As Royal Resorts continues to expand the reach of its services to members, it's become clear that with so much happening, we need to keep you all as informed as possible - but in a way that's dynamic, interesting and informative. That's why we're excited to announce that Royal Reporter is to go out to members as an E-zine, at the very least on a quarterly basis.

Packed with features, news, views, updates and advice on how to get the most out of your membership, it's absolutely the best way to keep up to date with everything that's happening in the ever growing world of Royal, GAP, ICE, DAE and REX. You'll be the first to know what's happening and will have early bird access to all our special offers and current Hot Tips for holidays.

So make sure you check your inbox for the first issue of the online version, which will be coming very soon. If for some reason you don't receive it, then simply contact us and we'll ensure you're firmly installed in the mailing list.



The refurbishment program at Haathi Mahal is progressing on time, with very positive comments from members. Prospective guests will be excited to learn that we recently held our first simulation training exercise at Casa Lisboa, which produced valuable information that in turn has allowed us to evolve our service considerably. Through intelligent use of space, the restaurant appears much bigger, yet with increased seats and a buffet that delivers great function and form for members and hosts.

As we continue to evolve interruptions to regular resort services are unavoidable, yet to be embraced as positive additions that add tremendous value to guests in the long term. Refurbished units, new look pools, walkways, gym, elevator and restaurant all communicate commitment by the company in delivering on members' suggestions.



David Hadson is Senior Manager of REX, the Royal Exchange service and also of Customer Service in Bali. Here, we bring you a typical day in the life of this key member of the Royal team.

Dave has been with Karma Royal Group for over 10 years. His name is well known to most of our members, as it is Dave and his department that process literally hundreds of holiday requests a week!

Dave manages a team of 26 staff. The dept is known as ROYAL EXCHANGE (Rex for short) and handles holiday bookings as well as Customer Service enquiries. The latter service is known as Rex Net.

Dave's office is immediately next to the 'floor'. Here, the team sit at their computers and phones, assisted in their endeavours by Maestro. No we're not talking about Dave (though he does always conduct things with great aplomb!), but our state of the art software system, which was specifically designed for the needs of Royal Resorts and its members. Thanks to Maestro, all contact with the members and member activity is monitored on screen. Once a Rex operator knows your membership number it's just one press of a button and 'hey presto' they are away - name, inventory owned, holidays taken - everything flashes onto the screen in seconds!

Today Dave's team is busy booking holidays. Members have various choices - holiday at any of the Royal Resorts (two centre holidays in India are becoming particularly popular at Goa/Kerala or Goa/Rajasthan and the team have confirmed five of this type of booking already today), exchange with RCI (member must instruct Rex to deposit a suitable week with RCI) or purchase a Bonus week somewhere with Rex Net. Bonus weeks are inexpensive and popular. They are available in a great range of locations with Dave's team having just confirmed a bonus holiday in Phuket for a Singaporean member family and a stay in England for one of our Australian members.

In the course of a month, Rex Bali would expect to respond to an average of 5,500 emails, 350 calls and confirm a minimum of 450 holiday bookings.






At Royal Resorts, we aim to achieve the highest standards of customer service. But for us to be able to do this effectively, we need to hear from you. It is your feedback that drives change and improvement, ensuring that your holiday experience is always optimal. To make things simpler, we have created a simple REX Customer Feedback form that can be completed within about five minutes. We'd be really grateful to hear from you

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All member letters and testimonials published win a US$100 'thank you' voucher redeemable towards holiday bookings with Royal Exchange. If you have a story you would be happy to share, simply send your story/testimonial along with some relevant holiday snaps to and if your entry makes it to print or web your REX account will be credited with US$100 - it's that easy!